Bamboo Cotton Buds - BioBunnies
Bamboo Cotton Buds - BioBunnies

Bamboo Cotton Buds

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  • Cotton buds made from bamboo & organic cotton 
  • Dispose bamboo cotton buds in organic waste bin
  • 100% biodegradable, vegan & sustainable 
  • High-quality bamboo sticks with a soft cotton bud
  • Chemical-free organic cotton 
  • Recyclable carton 
  • Set of 200 bamboo cotton buds

Cotton buds made from bamboo are the perfect way to reduce plastic in your bathroom, as well as a sustainable wood alternative. We chose the bamboo cotton bud from pandoo manufacture because they are high in quality, making them better for you & our planet. 

The stick is made with sustainably sourced bamboo & the buds from soft organic cotton that are made without dyes or chemicals. As a result, they are 100% biodegradable & can be disposed of in the organic waste bin after use. 

Keep your bamboo & cotton buds stored in the FSC certified cardboard box. 

Buy bamboo cotton buds today & instantly reduce your plastic in the bathroom!


Directions: Use for body care or make-up removal . After use, simply discard bamboo cotton bud in your organic waste bin. 


About Pandoo:

At Go Pandoo they have two main goals: to reduce plastic waste with our everyday products & making a contribution to counteracting global deforestation. Pandoo are passionate about supporting you in everyday life to make sustainable swaps in your home & being a part of a global movement for a green future.

Although natural & fast-growing bamboo makes for the perfect wood-free alternative, it comes a long way to get to us. That's why Go Pandoo work with ClimatePartner to calculate, reduce & compensate for all CO2 emissions, making their products as CO2 neutral as possible by supporting climate protection projects. By supporting one of these projects, the CO2 emissions caused by the manufacture, packaging and transportation of their products can be offset. Not only are they working hard to offset their carbon footprint, they also support One Tree Planted on a mission to reforest the planet.

At Go Pandoo they believe every little plastic product that you avoid in your everyday life makes a difference.